Henan Yilong Carpet Co., Ltd.

The Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition Ended, and Yilong Gained Rich Results

Yilong’s hand knotted silk rugs are favored by many people at the Qinghai International Carpet Exhibition. In particular, a high-density hand-knotted silk carpet worthy $1.5 million has attracted great attention of visitors and reporters. The density of this star hand woven silk rug is 10,763,900 knots per square meter. It is woven by a skilled weaver spend 3 years to finish it under a magnifying glass.

After the exhibition, employees of yilong drove to Qinghai's famous scenic named “Qinghai Lake” for sightseeing and taking pictures of our hand-made carpets. We are seriously for hand made carpets. Please enjoy the below video.