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Handmade silk rug “China Story” series designer meeting was held in YILONG

Handmade silk rug "China Story" series designer meeting was held in YILONG today. The first two designs will be "YTK701" and "YTK702". The size will be 6.56x9.84ft. The carpet will be down from the loom in August 2017. These will be the first real Chinese Style Handmade Silk Rug in the world.

In the past 150 years, YILONG has created “Classical Persian” series, “Top-Turkey” series handmade silk rugs. 80% of handmade silk rug in Turkey market and 50% of silk rug in Iran market are from YILONG.

China market is the richest and strongest market now. Yilong’s newly “China Story” series handmade silk rug is for rich people in big China area and for the foreigner who love Chinese culture.

Anyone who are interested in Yilong’s “China Story” series handmade silk rug, welcome to connect with us. Email: info@yilongcarpet.com