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What is The Knot of A Silk Rug?

Tips for hand knotted silk rug:

Part 5, what is the knot of a  silk rug?

One of the most important questions you’ll want to ask about when shopping for a Persian rug from Yilong Carpet factory is the rug’s knot count. A handmade silk rug’s knot count (also known as knots per square inch or KPSI) indicates how many knots make up the rug. The higher a rug’s knot count, the more intricate the design can be and the plusher the rug will feel.

A densely-woven rug takes more time to produce and allows for more detailed design, so Persian rugs with high knot counts (such as 277KPSI even up to 470 KPSI) are generally considered higher in quality than Persian rugs with lower knot counts (such as 7/7 knot count or less than 50 KPSI). Most of rugs from Yilong Carpet factory are with 367KPSI, and their quality is very fine.

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